Lycra or spandex is a stretchy and forgiving fiber. This is a synthetic fiber used through out the world by many designers and clothing manufacturers. Lycra includes the fibers such as cotton, silk and synthetic fibers. Lycra is more durable and stronger and so it is used as more popular choice for clothing manufactures. Lycra is used in clothing because its lightweight, comfortable, and breathable. Lycra is resistant to detergents, lotions and sweat. Lycra has the ability to stretch several times its size and return back to its original shape.

People love fabric with lycra because it has great stretch factor. Lycra and stretch fabrics add comfort and ease to figure-flattering T-shirts, yoga pants, lounge wear, skirts, and dresses that drape wonderfully.

There are three types of Lycra fabrics.

Cotton Lycra Fabric

Wool Lycra Fabric