Satin Fabrics

Satin is a sleek and glossy fabric created with a particular type of textile weave, during the process woven material is run through hot cylinders. The weave method used to create it is different from a basic fabric, the latter is woven by having the threads in each direction (the warp and the weft) going one over and one under. The satin weave is four over and one under, with less interlacings of the threads. That process gives fabric its characteristic glossy look.

The fibers that are commonly woven to create satin are silk, cotton, wool and also synthetic materials like polyester or acetate that allow to have a less expensive fabric.

Satin is used to realize a lot of products, in particular elegant dresses, bridal and wedding wear, A lot of daily wear apparel such as blouses, shirts, scarves and ties which are termed ‘delicate’, are also made out of satin and are widely used. The lingerie industry is also heavily dependent on Satin for its gowns and lingerie. Upholstery for bedding, curtains and drapes made out of satin lend a characteristic richness to the environment.

A lot of accessories are being made out of the rich Satin fabric. Purses, clutches and shoes made out of Satin are particularly in vogue. Sashes, scarves and headgear made out of Satin are great for accessorizing outfits and make them look more sophisticated.